The evolving leasing business in the aviation industry demands sophisticated solutions that align with the unique requirements of leasing companies and their valued customers. Recognizing this need, Camo Systems provides services with a high standard of qualification, competence, infrastructure, and unparalleled flexibility. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we are at the forefront of aviation safety and innovation, offering tailor-made solutions for today's dynamic market.

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Continuing Airworthiness Management

The responsibility for ensuring that an aircraft is in an airworthy condition before any flight rests with the aircraft owner and can be transferred to an operator. This responsibility must comply with the maintenance management requirements, regulations, and approved procedures stipulated by the airworthiness authorities in the country where the aircraft is registered, regardless of the jurisdiction in which it operates. With our extensive experience in CAMO organizations across different airlines, we can support aircraft owners and operators to ensure proper execution of airworthiness tasks. Our adaptable procedures, combined with a skilled and flexible team, allow us to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Aircraft Survey/Pre-buy Inspections

Aircraft Owners, Leasing Companies, and Airlines require evaluations of aircraft airworthiness and alignment with contractual obligations at various operational stages, in accordance with leasing agreements and competent authority regulations. With over two decades of experience in aircraft management, our staff has the capability to conduct essential assessments during the aircraft lease transfer process, midway through the lease term, or at the lease's conclusion. For aircraft operated or stored in uncontrolled environments, including those managed by operators outside of EASA's jurisdiction, we can perform Airworthiness Reviews to verify compliance with approved Type Design and relevant regulatory requirements governing maintenance, repairs, and modifications. Our deep understanding of regulatory prerequisites related to issuing an Export Certificate of Airworthiness enables us to identify potential discrepancies.

Management of the Aircraft phase-in/out process

Transferring an aircraft from one fleet to another is a specialized task that requires attention and resources that neither Lessors nor Airlines often possess. With our extensive experience and resources, we are adept at facilitating the transfer of various aircraft models between different registrations. We manage the entire process, securing the Certificate of Airworthiness from the importing country after obtaining the Export Certificate of Airworthiness from the exporting country.

Records Inspection and Aircraft Assessment:

  • We meticulously examine records and the aircraft itself to ensure compliance with the requirements for the Certificate of Airworthiness in the importing country.

Modifications Assessment:

  • We evaluate and implement necessary modifications on the aircraft to meet the specific Type Certificate Data Sheet requirements set by the Airworthiness Authorities.
  • We also assess modifications needed to align the aircraft with the operational requirements of the destination country or region.

Airworthiness Assessment:

  • We conduct comprehensive evaluations of the aircraft's airworthiness in accordance with EASA or other relevant regulations.
  • We ensure that all maintenance performed by the exporting operator meets the importing country's requirements.

Lease Agreement Management:

  • We negotiate, implement, and monitor lease agreement clauses and stipulations.
  • This includes certification issues, maintenance reserve payments and repayments, actions and procedures to fulfill Lessors' maintenance requirements, manufacturer's warranties, return conditions, sharing of modification expenses, and more.
We provide onsite representation for surveillances, Pre-purchase inspection, Phase-in/out, and Aircraft reposition.
Evaluation & Review
We provide our clients a full technical review for Aircraft records, and workpacks review for the maintenance reserve claims.
Aircraft Data Management
We provide full scope data management solutions for aircraft assets including data collection, sorting, and indexing.
Data Digitalization
We have the best scanning team, who can be allocated anywhere in the world on a short notice.
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